Jan 2024

Using Sequences of Life-events to Predict Human Lives

Germans Savcisens , Tina Eliassi-Rad , Lars Kai Hansen , Laust Hvas Mortensen , Lau Lilleholt , Anna Rogers , Ingo Zettler , Sune Lehmann

Nature Computational Science

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Oct 2023


Feb 2024

An Industrial West? A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Newspapers Discourses about Technology over One Hundred and Ten Years (1830-1940)

Emmanuelle Denove , Elisa Michelet , Germans Savcisens , Elena Fernández Fernández

DOI 10.5281/zenodo.8255721


Dec 2023

Life Trajectories as Symbolic Language: Exploring Human Behaviour with Language Models

Supervised by Sune Lehmann and Lars Kai Hansen || Full version will be published in July 2024.

PhD Thesis (Technical University of Denmark, Cognitive Systems)

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Apr 2020

Analyzing Health Data Records Using Neural Networks: Predicting Diabetes-Related Clinical Outcomes

Supervised by Sune Lehmann | Developed in collaboration with Novo Nordisk (Data Science)

Master Thesis (Technical University of Denmark)

Novo Nordisk MSc Programme